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All the links that do not match any configured rules will open in the default browser, however, that's not very interesting and not why you installed this utility in the first place.

To open a link in another browser, you need to create a rule.

To add a rule, simply press add button in browser parameters, and then type the rule text.

Rule type

You can keep adding as many rules as you want, they are always case-insensitive and by default match any part or the URL.

Testing rules

Browser Tamer has a "URL Tester" utility which can be invoked either from "Rules" toolbar's Test button, or by going to Tools-> URL Tester menu. URL Tester checks all the configured rules as you type, splits them in separate parts and calculates a match on where a particular URL will open.

Rules tester

This is an excellent tool if you are not sure how configured rules will trigger.


You can also match a part of the URL with scoping restriction:


There are three matching scopes you can select from.


As implied, matches anywhere in the url, regardless it's a domain, path, query or anything else at all.


Only matches inside domain part. For instance, rule github will match but will not match


Only match in path part. For instance, rule github will not match but will match

Regular expressions

Regular expressions are for advanced use case only and deserve a long topic by themselves. If you have never heard of Regular Expressions, I'd strongly discourage you from using them here.

To turn on regular expression, click "express delivery" icon next to the rule text.

turn on

When typing in an expression, it has to match an entire input and not just a substring inside it. Here is an example.







By default, a regular expression has to match an entire URL, however, scoping applies during matching stage as well.

Matching locations

By default, rules are matched based on input URL. However, since v3.6.0 you can also optionally match on application title and process name. URL Tester and auditing supports these options as well.

Rule loc

When selecting title or process, you can, just like URL matching, use regular expressions or plain substring. Note that scoping is only applicable to URL matching.

Frameless windows

Part of rule definition is attempt to open an URL as "frameless window". Frameless windows have no browser toolbar, url, or any other controls and try to behave like dump apps. If your browser supports frameless windows (currently Chromium-based only) you will have a button to test this behavior (1) and also rule definitions will have a button to enable frameless window triggers (2).

Rule frameless

You can also open a link in a frameless window with Picker.


Rules can be reordered using Up and Down keyboard arrow keys. Focus on rule text and press the keys to move the field up or down the list.

When inside rule text, you can press Tab to move to the next rule's text, or Shift+Tab to move the the previous rule's text.

Last modified: 05 February 2024