Browser Tamer Help


Default browser

By default, BT takes the first browser it finds and opens all the links in it.

You can change this from Settings->Default Browser menu which lists all the detected browsers and profiles hierarchically.


Custom arguments

Both user-defined and system (autodetected) browsers have an additional argument added. For system browsers, expand "Parameters" to add this "extra arg". Browser Tamer does not allow modifying arg to avoid breaking basic functionality.

Extra params


Browser Tamer can now optionally log rule hits to a .csv file. It can be enabled in Settings:


and the file path can be found in File menu:


The file itself has all the information about the rule hit event:

  • timestamp

  • browser id

  • browser name

  • profile name

  • URL

  • rule description

  • calling process name (if available)

  • calling process window title (if available)

Audit csv
Last modified: 05 February 2024