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Welcome to Browser Tamer!


Do you have multiple browsers or browser profiles on your machine? Do you want to open different links with different browsers or profiles without switching manually?

If yes, then you need Browser Tamer! It's a smart and powerful tool that acts as a browser proxy on your machine. It catches the links you click and redirects them to a browser or browser profile of your choice. You can set up rules based on the link’s domain, protocol, file extension and more.


Features at a Glance

  • Extremely lightweight on memory and resources, written in safe modern C++.

    • Self-contained single .exe under 2 Mb in size with no dependencies.

    • Available as .msi installer.

    • Portable mode supported.

    • Fits on a floppy disk if you can find it in 2023! 💾

  • Completely free and open-source.

  • Intelligent detection of the most popular browsers.

    • Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Brave and so on.

    • Detection of browser profiles.

    • Support for Firefox Containers.

    • Support for incognito mode / tor mode.

  • Add your own, custom browser or application customised with any parameters you want.

  • Rule-based redirect based on matching inside:

    • Entire URL, domain, or path.

    • Source application title.

    • Calling process name.

    • This can be a simple case-insensitive substring or a regular expression.

  • Assign rule priorities.

  • Extensions to integrate with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or any Chromium-based or Firefox-based browser (Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Waterfox etc.).

  • Open links in "chromeless (frameless)" window.

  • Optional audit of rule hits to a csv file.

  • Beautiful UI based on ImGui (GPU-accelerated UI engine used in games) with support for themes.

Feedback and support

Please report any issues, usability improvements, or feature requests to my GitHub project (you need to have a GitHub account).

You can also always send an email to

Last modified: 05 February 2024