Browser Tamer Help

Install Using the Installer

Using installer is probably the most preferable approach - it will:

What installer is doing

  1. Place the program files in the correct folder.

  2. Assign correct permissions to program binary, making sure it can't be changed by external programs.

  3. Create a start menu shortcut.

  4. Uninstall correctly if you decide Browser Tamer is not for you.

To download the latest installer, go to GitHub Releases and download the latest version - look for a file with .msi extension.

The installer is very simple and self-explanatory.

When downloading .msi, your browser may be complaining that it's not commonly downloaded. Press "keep" to allow it.

Install keep

Then expand "show more" and press "keep anyway".

Install keep anyway

Follow the usual wizard install process.

Install wiz1

And the app will appear in "all programs"

Install wiz2

You should be done.

Last modified: 05 February 2024